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Transparent seafood traceability


Flow of Seafood Traceability System

  • Production
  • At the consignment sales site and cooperative seafood market which is akin to wholesale, the information on seafood such as the producer, production no., application of chemical drugs, etc. are recorded, and after entering the shipment information such as registration no. and shipment amount into the system it is delivered to the processing company.
  • Processing
  • After inputting storage information of the seafoods received from respective origins such as the production no., amount of storage, stored date etc to the system, the products are processed, packaged, and merchandised to be sellable to the consumers. The release information on the processor, release entity, release amount etc. are managed.
  • Distribution
  • As for the distribution process, storage information of the product received by the processing company is entered into the system, and the release information including distributor, release entity, release amount etc. are delivered to the retailers.
  • Sales
  • In retail shops where consumers can actually purchase seafood, information on respective seafood products can be found through the QR code and identification number in the traceable label attached to the surface of the product’s package, the Seafood Traceability System homepage, mobile homepage, and mobile app.